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25 August 2008 @ 09:03 pm
Kare no Gimu: His duty [one-shot]  
Title: 彼の義務 (Kare no gimu: His Duty)
Pairing: KusaPi, others
Rating: R for Rape and sex slaves
Summary: Kusano gets hit in the head with a Frisbee. Nakamaru tries to warn him...
A/N: dedicated to sylviaunited because she loves to read our KusaPi ^__^v

Kusano watched the clouds change into various shapes as he sat on his blanket.

"Kimochii." He whispered. A nose nuzzles into his hair.

"Sou, ne..." He smiled and pointed to the sky. A hand joined his as he traced the outline of a cloud.

"It looks like a squid..."

"I was thinking jellyfish..." Kusano was suddenly readjusted and pulled into strong arms. He nestled down into those arms and nuzzled a chest.

"I was thinking your chest?" Kusano laughed.

"I was thinking the same thing..." Kusano let out a long sigh.

"Oh, Yamapi..."

~One Year earlier~

Kusano kicked his feet in the air as he lay on his bed, his stomach pressed against the mattress as he worked on his newest Algebra assignment. He worked through the whole process and checked his work, smiling when he was sure it was correct. His cell phone, next to his book on the bed, lit up, alerting him that he had a message. He opened his phone and gave an unsure look at the blue object.

New Message:
Nakamaru Yu

He opened the message.

Don’t forget to study for the biology exam…what was your answer for # 58??

He smiled. Nakamaru Yu was his best friend. Not the smartest person in the school, but his best friend none the less.

The answer is 5i. And thanks, I had already forgotten.

He sent the message and looked at his Biology book. He needed so much help in that class, genetics was really killing him. He needed a tutor. Maybe he would ask his parents at dinner. He wanted to do his best in high school so that he could go to a good college and impress his family.

An hour later, his mother called him down for dinner and mid-way through the meal, he brought up the subject.

“Pa…” he said softly. “I need a tutor for Biology. I’m not doing very well…the things we are going over in class now are so difficult and I need more help understanding them…”

“Well, son, if you can find someone to help you, I’m sure we could work it out for you…” His father answered, sipping his tea gingerly. The soba and tempura was especially good tonight. Kusano smiled at his father.

“Really?” Kusano smiled. His father nodded.

“I’m proud of you, Hironori…you’ve worked hard lately and really impressed me. If you want more help with your studying, I think you’ve done enough to deserve it. I know you’re honest when you say you need the help, and that it can only help you, so go for it, son.” Kusano’s eyes sparkled. Maybe he would end the school year with As and Bs after all, and get that raise in his allowance his father had promised him were he to achieve that goal.


After a whole day of asking around school if people would help him with his biology, Kusano was at a dead end. He sat under the big tree on school grounds, poring over his biology book in hopes that trying to understand it would make it click in his mind what all the terms meant. He paused in his reading when the sun was blocked by a large shadow and someone’s voice. “LOOK OUT!”

Before he knew it, a Frisbee hit his head and he fell back, gripping his head. “Itaiiiiii yo….” He mumbled, sitting up and looking at the Frisbee with disdain.

“Sorry!” A winded voice said. “It was too high for me to catch…are you okay?” Kusano looked up and he frowned.

“Of course I’m NOT fine…” Kusano held his head again. The older boy smiled down at him.

“Naturally, how could you be after getting whacked in the head with a flying plastic object, right.”

“Right…here…” Kusano handed him the Frisbee. Another person ran over.

“Is he okay, Pi?”

“Yes, just a little miffed, I think.” The one known as Pi smiled. The newcomer sighed.

“I’m glad you weren’t really injured, I need to contain my Frisbee throwing…”

“It’s okay, really…” Kusano said. “I’m still alive…” The two standing over him smiled. A phone rang.

“Ah!” The newcomer said, looking at his jingling phone. “Mom…I gotta go…”

“Hai…” Pi handed the other the Frisbee and watched him leave. “See you tomorrow, don’t forget to study for the English test!” The one running away waved a hand and Pi looked back at Kusano. “I’m really sorry…” He frowned. “Can I make it up to you?”

“Unless you can teach me Biology, no thanks.” Kusano said, sighing and looking back at his book.

“Actually, Biology is my favorite subject…” Pi sat down across from him. “What’s giving you trouble?”


“Uwa...I loved genetics…”


“Yeah…it’s been two years since I’ve had Biology…”

“Oh…so you are a senior?” Kusano asked, processing as he got a nod from the older. “You’ll be leaving this year…”

“Yes…finally…if I can pass English language class…” Kusano smiled.

“I’m fluent in English…maybe I can help you with your English and you can help me with my Biology.” Pi laughed and shook his head.

“I don’t know if I could take lessons from an underclassman…” Kusano frowned and looked at his book. The look on his face made Pi change his mind. “But if you really need the help, maybe I could work it out somehow…” Kusano’s eyes sparkled.

“Really?” The sparkle in his eye sent a tingle through Pi’s body and he smiled.

“Yeah…we can start studying tomorrow at the library, okay?”


“By the way, if I’m going to be helping you, shouldn’t I know your name?” The older asked.

“Yeah…Kusano Hironori…”

“Yamashita Tomohisa…but everyone calls me YamaPi.”


“And so the X would join the other X, so would this X, and then join this Y…and now you have a predictability chart for hair color in the child of XX and XY…” YamaPi explained. Kusano blinked.

“Um…okay…so…it’s just going like this.” Kusano used his fingers to show YamaPi, who nodded and smiled.

“Just like that.”

“Oh…that’s not as hard as I thought it would be…”

“Deshou…it’s fun…”

“Yamashita-kun…I think I need to get home now…my mother will have dinner ready…”

“Oh, okay…I’ll see you around…”

“Okay.” Kusano left, enlightened. On his way home, he met Nakamaru Yu on the street.

“Kusa~” Yu pouted. “You didn’t meet me at the movie…”

“Ah! I’m sorry Maru! I was meeting with my Biology tutor.”

“Oh, you got one? Who is it?”

“He’s a senior, Yamashita Tomohisa.” Maru froze and looked at him. “What?”

“Yamashita Tomohisa? Senior? Senior Yamashita Tomohisa?”


“He’s bad news, Kusa…he hangs around with the wrong crowd…”

“He’s nice.” Kusano defended. “And helpful.”

“He’s gay.” Yu said. Kusano blinked.

“So? I’m not…?”

“Someone was telling me today that his group gang raped a guy the other night behind the Sushi Hut.”

“Eeeee…but Yamashita-senpai wouldn’t do something like that…”

“But he would watch it…he’s their leader…all six of them are bad news…one of them, Nishikido-senpai, you know, he has a sex slave, I’ve heard. Supposedly some great beauty of a guy that he keeps locked away in his bedroom closet at his parent’s house.” Yu whispered. Kusano’s eyes were wide as he took in all this new information. “And his best friend Toma is really cruel I’ve heard. Some say at night time on the weekends, he kills people in Sendai with his gun that he carries on him at all times…others say he’s a rapist and that girls should stay away from him. Kamenashi said a friend of his was raped by him…”

Kusano went home that night unsure of what to do. Should he keep meeting with YamaPi? Why shouldn’t he? The senior was very nice, calm and when the Frisbee hit Kusano’s head, he and Toma were truly repentant, it seemed. Perhaps Kusano should ask YamaPi about these rumors…


Kusano waited in the library, flipping through his notes. YamaPi arrived, Toma and a few others in tow. Kusano became worried. Were these three new people part of that larger six Yu had told him about? A tall one with red hair and an arm around a guy with a bright smile and glasses sat down after YamaPi did. They were talking.

“Hey.” YamaPi smiled to Kusano. “I brought friends…”

“O-okay…” Kusano stuttered. The third nameless guy was dark and his eyes looked dangerous. The smirk on his face was sinister to match the black eyes. Toma sat next to Kusano and the scary guy sat on his other side. Kusano felt tense, that this was not a good situation.

YamaPi introduced the group. “Koyama,” the red haired one. “Shige,” The bright one with glasses. “Nishikido Ryo,” Scary guy. “And you met Toma.” Supposed rapist.

“Hajimemashite.” Kusano nodded. “Kusano Hironori desu…yoroshiku onegaishimasu…” He added.

Nishikido Ryo, the one who supposedly had a sex slave in his closet was leaning on the table a little too close for comfort. “Biology?” He asked. “Shit…who needs Biology…”

“Ryo.” YamaPi frowned. “Obviously he does.”

“He’ll need a psychiatrist after you get finished with him.” Toma laughed, putting a hazy smile on Nishikido Ryo’s face. Kusano’s eyes grew wide. Another person walked back, tall and what most would call pretty, though a little on the lanky side. The tall one observed everyone until his eyes landed on Nishikido Ryo. He walked over and slipped onto the dark one’s lap, smiling a cute smile to everyone.

“Hey, Uchi.” Shige smiled. “We were wondering if you’d make it.”

“I would have been here sooner but I was doing something for Ryo.” Ah, so this was the sex slave? But, shouldn’t he be in Ryo’s closet at home? “And who are you?” Uchi asked, a soft look directed toward Kusano.

“Kusano Hironori…YamaPi helps me with Biology…”

“He’s very good at it.” Uchi nodded.

“You know, why don’t we skip Biology for the day and go eat.” Yamapi suggested.

“The ramen shop can open if I call mom.” Red haired Koyama spoke.

“Sounds great!” Toma interjected. “Her ramen is truly the best!”

Several stood and YamaPi did too, extending a hand to Kusano. “Coming or will I have to make you?” He smirked. Kusano’s eyes grew wide and he stood, following a little behind everyone. Uchi fell a few steps behind to talk to Kusano.

“Hisa likes you?” Uchi smiled.


“YamaPi…he must like you for some reason or he wouldn’t be helping you…”

“Um…he hit me in the head with a Frisbee the other day?” Uchi couldn’t help but smile.

“That old trick? At least it wasn’t a baseball like it was with me…”

“…I don’t follow you…”

“Nishikido-sama hit me in the head with a baseball just to talk to me one day.” Uchi smiled small.

“Oh…that sounds really mean…” Kusano stated.

“Un…he’s hard on the outside, but he’s a very different person when we’re alone…you’ll like him once you get to know him.” Uchi assured. “I’ve never heard YamaPi mention you before, though…”

“It could have been a real accident and he’s just helping me with my Biology because we made a deal…”

“YamaPi’s the best Frisbee player in the country, why would he have missed a Frisbee? Did you see him miss it?”

“Well, no, I was reading…” Uchi smiled, satisfied.

“He did it on purpose…it’s how he always tries to pick up guys. That’s where Nishikido-sama learned it…”

“I’m not gay.” Kusano said matter-of-factly.

“I wasn’t either…”

“Hiroki…” Nishikido Ryo called from the front. Uchi smiled to Kusano and joined him. Kusano frowned. He wasn’t gay and there was no way he was going to turn to it.

YamaPi held the door for everyone and smiled at Kusano, who shivered slightly. To know that a guy liked him made him feel slightly queasy. Kusano started to notice though, long glances and smiles and conversations directed only toward him and he noted that while it was gross, it was nice to make new friends and talk to someone who seemed well rounded in everything.

While Uchi and Nishikido Ryo were practically all over each other, Koyama and Shige were more of a best-friend type of couple; not very touchy, but had so much in common and they had superb non-verbal communication. It was like they could read each other’s mind.

Toma flirted with the waitress and YamaPi kept asking Kusano if he was okay. By the time they finished eating, Uchi and Nishikido Ryo were heading home. A few minutes after they left, Toma left, then Koyama and Shige. It was Kusano and YamaPi only. Kusano picked at his food and YamaPi watched him. Kusano spoke first.

“Did you really hit me with a Frisbee on purpose?” He looked up into YamaPi’s eyes.

“I did…” YamaPi admitted, an arrogant smile on his face. “And it worked.” Kusano frowned.

“I don’t know why you couldn’t just talk to me…”

“Because you are a lower classman…why would I be seen approaching and conversing with a lower classman just because I wanted to?” Kusano frowned again.

“Is that supposed to win my heart?”

“I didn’t know it was in the game to win…”

“It’s not…”

“I think it will be.”

Months passed and friendships grew. Yu walked down the hallway in hopes of catching up to Kusano. Running didn’t aid him in his efforts, so he called out, causing the younger one to pause and turn.


“They attacked another guy behind the Sushi Hut.” Nakamaru informed.

“They couldn’t have…” Kusano defended. “They aren’t like that.”

“Well word is he wouldn’t agree to go with Nishikido-senpai, so they all ganged up on him.”

“Think what you want, Yu, they wouldn’t do something like that…and I don’t like the way you attack them so much, especially when it’s the first thing out of your mouth when you see me.”

“I’m only trying to help you out…”

“I think you’re jealous that I’m spending time with them.”

“What? I’m trying to keep you safe, as my best friend.”

“You’re being selfish…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Kusano!” But Kusano didn’t look back. As promised, he met Yamapi and the others at the library and they all got a lesson in Biology. Afterwards, they all agreed to walk Kusano home. Uchi and Koyama were absent from the group today and one new person was there, Masuda Takahisa.

They rounded the corner toward Kusano’s house and Nishikido Ryo lagged behind, Masuda doing the same. Eventually Yamapi was in the lead, Kusano following behind. YamaPi stopped and turned to him.

“What?” Kusano asked.

“We’re taking a detour…” He said. “Not very far, but we’re taking one…”

“But my house is right there…”

“Okay.” Kusano’s arms were gripped in strong hands and his eyes were blindfolded.

“Nande!” He cried. “Yada! Stop it! Let me go-“ He was being dragged down a direction he didn’t want to go and eventually met pavement. His heart pounded in his chest and he hoped that he would be able to face Yu again, after denying this. After believing and trusting these guys he had come to know as friends. He felt hands on him and he knew who they belonged to. Other hands soon joined in, holding his flailing arms down, aiding in practically shredding his jeans off. He felt a smooth body rest against his and he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the feeling. The hands clamped over his mouth to keep him mostly quiet reduced him to whimpers, but not tears. He would not cry over this, he couldn’t. Somehow he knew that nothing terrible would happen to him. He had a feeling that this was the only way YamaPi have him, if he took him by force. He became silent, tried to relax, just let the inevitable happen.

And it did. His face contorted and his body clenched against an intrusion that seemed to rip him completely in half. He felt arms wrap gently around his shoulders and breath against his ear. Whispers of his name and words that no other male had ever spoken to him cascaded down for only him to hear. And he wanted it. He wanted that pain and those words because for some reason they sounded so real and genuine, sounded so true, so sincere. Hands had left him and only the body on his remained; everything seemed quiet except for those words and heavy breaths. Kusano was concerned. Wondered why his arms were wrapping around this body, why he was accepting and reciprocating when he had no feelings for YamaPi. He wondered why he was enjoying this, orgasming and writhing with it, begging softly and quietly for more.

YamaPi gave it to him, more, eventually releasing with his own orgasm, kisses placed against a hot, sweaty neck, almost in appreciation.

Kusano, in his confused state, lay still now, awkward and feeling less than human.

YamaPi pulled away and dressed Kusano’s broken body as he continued to lay almost lifeless. Kusano could tell that YamaPi wanted to speak, but he paused for a long time.

“W-“ At last, he spoke. “Was…are you okay?” Kusano remained silent, of course he wasn’t okay…but he couldn’t find it in himself to tell that to YamaPi.

“F-fine…” He lied. He felt a hand stroke at his cheek before it tugged away the blindfold. Kusano didn’t even glance at him. He wasn’t sure if he could face any person ever again. But a finger tugged his chin and he met soft eyes. The finger once again stroked his cheek and he looked away again. He didn’t need words, he didn’t want words. “You should go…” He said quietly. YamaPi leaned down and kissed him.

“I’ll walk you home…” Kusano wasn’t exactly in the position to disagree, so he sat up, pain yet again intruding his body.

When they reached his house, Kusano paused. “You walked me home…” He said. “You can go now.” YamaPi kissed him again and Kusano didn’t fight it. In a way he had been marked. Now he was YamaPi’s and nothing could change that.

“I’ll see you tomorrow…” YamaPi whispered. Kusano said nothing, only walked into his house and closed the door, running to his room to bathe and change.


Kusano walked to the library and slowly walked to the back corner, where the group usually met. It was quiet. No one was there. Kusano sat and waited, not really wanting to see anyone, but at the same time, needing to know that he was a friend, not just a momentary pleasure outlet. Three hours he waited, and no one showed. He pulled himself out of the chair and made his way home. When he walked in, he heard laughter; a sound that rarely came from his parents, much less his mother. He slipped off his shoes and went to see what all the laughter was about. He rounded the corner and paused. He wasn't sure if he was happy or mad. He chose mad.

"What are you doing here?!" He demanded, YamaPi turning toward his voice.

"Ah! Kusa!" YamaPi stood and walked over to him. "I came to help you with your Biology…"

"I don't need your help anymore." Kusano said through gritted teeth.

"Hironori…that isn't a very polite way to treat your guest. Go upstairs and study, both of you…" Kusano gaped at his mother and had half a mind to tell her this wonderful tutor had raped him the previous day, yet he remained silent, turned, and stormed upstairs to his room, YamaPi following.

They were in his room and not a moment later, YamaPi had the door closed and Kusano in his arms.

"I've missed you…" He said softly. Kusano tried to push him away, but couldn’t.

"Stop touching me…" Kusano said in a small voice, only half wanting that touch to go away. YamaPi let his grip loosen and fall away. Kusano opened his bedroom door. "Please leave…"

"Why…" YamaPi asked, a sad expression on his face.

"Because I asked you to…" YamaPi pulled him close again.

"But…you said you were fine…" Kusano didn't fight back, instead sighed and looked at him.

"Being raped will never be fine…" He whispered. "How could I be fine when a person I've come to trust violates that trust and has my other 'friends' help?"

"I know it's not enough, but I'm sorry…" YamaPi whispered. "I want you so much…"

"That's not a way to get someone. It's a way to lose them."

"You would have never let me…"

"No, I wouldn't have." YamaPi kissed him.

"Would you now?"

"I'm not gay." Kusano said plainly. "I'm not gay."

"You've told me that a lot, " YamaPi murmured, "But you liked it…you want it again…" He whispered low. "You like me, right?" Kusano just looked at him. "Like me…"

"I do like you…" Kusano whispered.

"Then why are you acting like this?" Kusano said nothing, only looked at him again. YamaPi closed the door and pulled Kusano close, his lips pressing against the younger one's. Kusano kissed back, giving in until his breath was knocked out of him and he landed on his mattress, YamaPi between his legs. Hands were fluttering and loosening and stroking and touching. Then all at once the hands and lips stopped.

"Hironori~ I've made snacks for you and your friend…" Kusano sat up quickly and opened a book, plopping it in front of YamaPi before straightening his clothes and opening the door.

"Thanks…" Kusano took the snacks and his mother left. He turned back to the bed to see YamaPi grinning. He grinned too and sat the plate down before moving back to the bed. Yamapi pulled him back down and in a matter of seconds they were caught up, pressing and rubbing and grinding with hearts racing and shallow breath. Kusano found himself naked and beneath an equally naked body that had lips most electrifying and gentle. Rough pressure and smooth murmurs distracted him completely as he gave way to something deliciously forbidden and wonderful. Gentle fingers pressed against his lips to keep his noises soft and breathless. Something ran through his blood and made his vision blur. His body twitched and he licked his lips before arching up from the force of his orgasm. YamaPi delved deeply, wanting to be in as far as he could, wanting to bury himself as deeply as he could, to feel the clenching sensation over his entire length. When he came, Kusano moaned; the feeling was amazing. Yamapi collapsed onto him and sighed, his lips resting in the crook of Kusano's neck.

"I want to stay with you tonight…" YamaPi murmured. Kusano sighed and rested his hand on Yamapi's back. He wanted to protest and say that his mother would never allow that. Then he remembered that YamaPi was indeed a boy and his mother would never think anything like that.

"You'll do what you want no matter what I say…"

"That's true isn't it?" He asked, raising up to look into Kusano's eyes.


"I'm staying with you tonight." Yamapi whispered.

"…okay…" Kusano whispered back. Soft lips pressed against his and he sighed again. "So…you really hit me with the Frisbee on purpose?" The question brought laughter bubbling from Yamapi's chest.

"You still can't get over that can you?"

"No, I don't think I ever will…seriously you should have just talked to me in the first place instead of being so violent about it…I like getting to know my friends before being hit in the face by their Frisbees."

"Next time I will just ask you what you think before I actually do something like that."

"I'd appreciate that."

"Would you?"


"Then that's it, I'll ask you from now on." Kusano smiled small before pushing Yamapi off of him and grabbing a towel to clean up.

"I need to tell mom that you are staying over…" Yamapi raised up on his elbows and ran a hand through his hair.

"I'll make sure to share the bed with you." Yamapi winked. Kusano rolled his eyes.

"You're so convincing." He said flatly.

"I am, or I wouldn't be staying over…" Yamapi grinned. Kusano sighed.

"I guess…" Kusano cleaned up and pulled on other clothes. "I'll be back in a bit. Please don't touch anything…"

"I'm not moving from right here…" Kusano closed the door and bounded down the stairs.

"Mom?" Kusano called.

"In the kitchen." She called back. Kusano ambled in. "How is studying?"

"We've…gone really far." Kusano smiled. His mother smiled back. "Um, mom, Yamashita-kun wants to stay over tonight because we'll be studying for a long time…is that okay with you?"

"That's wonderful. Your father will be happy to see you studying so hard~" Kusano gave her a winning smile. "Just make sure you don't get too wrapped up in your studies, your father will be home in an hour and we will eat when he gets in."

"Okay. We'll pick something short to study…" Kusano nodded.

"If you two need anything, let me know…"

"Thanks, ma." Kusano smiled and was pleased to see his mother smile back.

"I'm glad you are making friends, Hironori…now go study." Kusano nodded and walked up the stairs and back to his room. Yamapi, true to his word had not moved and was still naked for the world to see.

"I missed you." He said with a smile. "So I'm staying."

"You are…" Yamapi raised up and pulled on his jeans.

"Well, how about you teach me some English since we've covered biology today." Yamapi grinned. Kusano smiled and sat on his knees on the bed, wrapping his arms around Yamapi's arm.

"Okay." He said. "First I will teach you hour."


"Good enough."

"What does it mean?"


"Okay...hour, awa.."

"We have one hour." Kusano said softly, examining the profile of Yamapi's face.

"Ui he-"


"Ui habu wan. wan?"

"Wan." Kusano smiled.

"Ui habu wan awa."

"Very good..."

"What does it mean?" Yamapi asked, turning his face to Kusano's.

"...we have an hour..." Kusano whispered. Yamapi looked into his eyes.

"I won your heart, didn't I?"

"More than that..." The younger one informed. Yamapi pressed their lips together and Kusano's hands wadded into soft hair.

"I thought you weren't gay..." Yamapi smiled.

"I'm not..." Kusano stated. "I'm in love..."

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