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02 July 2008 @ 11:10 pm
ForeverMore Ch. 3----Operation P.N.H.  
 Title: Forever More
Rating: PG-15

Pairings: (Main)Jinda & Kusapi (Ueda*Kusano/but really best friends),(Support) I can let you 
figure that out later.

Disclaimer: Just the the story, Meth, sweat and the thinking power nothing else

Summary: This is about a restaurant that's popular all over Japan for it's awesome food and appealing employee's, also it is owned by no other than the Johnny Kitagawa. Then if we go inside of the story it based on two boys having nothing but themselves to rely on, trying to make there life a meaning in this painful world. But there could be a light that could show them the way as being waiters in the ever so popular "Johnny Jimusho." But keep in mind like they say if you get a feel of happiness then the more chances you could lose it(No one uses that but lets just pretend it's real like this story.)

Note: Sry I'd been having a rough time a while ago with so many things bank,car,family,and school but, I graduated in may yeessss(Even though it's july now I can on;y do this on some of my free time now).



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